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We believe true healing happens in safe community. For this reason, Awakened to Grow is affiliated with the following organizations; whether through certification, membership, training, or through use of that group's materials in our training and development sessions.

Awakened to Grow offers counseling for individuals, couples, marriages, families, teens and children. We teach parenting classes, communication and leadership development classes, as well as offer help in recovery from abuse and addiction. It is our mission to help our clients to discover purpose and healing in areas currently presenting difficulty.

Utilizing the John & Julie Gottman method of marriage/relationship building, we can supply you with the tools you need to rebuild and heal your marriage. As a member of the National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists, we are trained in helping our clients of high-conflict divorce to prevent and avoid causing the damages of parental alienation in the lives of their children.

As a Christian Pastoral Counseling service, Awakened to Grow is centered around the crucial inclusion of spiritual development in relationship to emotional maturity and healing.

We also offer courses in co-parenting, co-parenting coaching (on a case by case basis), reunification therapy, and recovery coaching from abuse.

With over thirty-five years of experience, it is one of our core values to see our clients discover and encounter true wholeness and joy in living. Please feel free to look around our website and learn what we have to offer.

We're glad you're here!

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What We Offer

We Offer the following opportunities for Growth in Personal Discipleship and Development:
     * one-on-one, confidential therapy sessions
             recovering and healing from abuse, 
 abandonment, grief, abortion, sexual trauma, PTSD,  depression, anger management, asbergers, autism,      communication, attachment & bonding                    issues, conflict resolution, mediation,                healthy sexuality, healing from                        addictions, spiritual abuse, relationship              management, family dynamics, parenting,                divorce, high conflict custody,                        reunification of alienated child and                  targeted parent, and restoration from                  viable parental estrangement.
      * one-on-one, confidential, Biblical spiritual guidance and prayer ministry
      * workshops bi-monthly, on issues pertinent to issues for personal discovery
      * quarterly court-approved family one-day classes:
             Healthy Parenting
             Co-Parenting 101
(Co-parenting coaching available for high-conflict divorce situations -- after screening and approval).
      * Classes offered include:
             "Ruth & Naomi -- The Healing Journey"
             "Secrets for Relational Living"
             "Biblical Principles for Healthy                                     Relationships"
and more......

It is one of our values to provide affordable care, with excellence of quality and confidentiality.

Although we do not presently accept insurance, we do have a sliding scale available based on income. We also have a scholarship program available for those who qualify.

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We are Attachment & Bonding focused in providing therapeutic care. We also utilize Emotionally-Focused therapy in restoring relationships.

Each person on the planet is a product of what we have experienced, what we have been taught, the modeling and imprinting we have received, and what we have gathered from relationships. And, even though it
is difficult for most of us to
believe, all of us are living on
a learning journey. It is easy to
buy into the lie that at some point
we "just arrive" and "just know" how
to live our lives.

Everyone needs help from someone,
sometime. Sadly, only one person
out of four, who realizes they need to acquire "life tools" will actually seek out help, and ask questions to help themselves move forward in personal growth.

And did you know? Only half of that 25% of persons will make the decision to push through their difficulties and the sense of "feeling stuck" to discover what "life tools" they need to add to their inner "toolbox," and further, how to utilize those "tools" and experience healthy relationships. Are you in the 13%? All it takes is a choice! Help is within reach!!

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Why not call our office, and set a time to begin your journey to wholeness? 

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International Board of Christian Pastoral and Professional Counselors, American Association
of Christian Counselors, CoParenting International, The National Association of Parental Alienation
Specialists, Living Waters Ministries International, The Call International,
The Foursquare Church,The Gottman Marriage Institute

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