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When Are We Here?

Our offices are open for therapy sessions each Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday during the daytime hours. Evening sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and selected Thursdays. 

Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length, and intake (or first) sessions require an additional 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. Our fee for the first session is $70, after which the client is eligible to utilize our sliding scale.

Dr. Debbye Graafsma, bcpc

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Debbye Graafsma holds a Doctorate in Counseling, and in
Ministry. She is a licensed and ordained minister, holding
ministry credentials through the International Foursquare

Dr. Graafsma has completed all levels in the (John and
Julie) Gottman Marriage Institute, and utilizes the
Gottman method in marriage care. She is certified in
Applied Behavioral Analysis through the Center for
Motivational Living. She utilizes emotionally-focused
relational therapy, and believes in attachment/bonding theory.

"Ms. Debbye" utilizes play therapy in counseling with children, counsels with teens, and is experienced in helping families who find themselves dealing with domestic abuse, addiction, violence, and/or estrangement. She has experience in helping those recovering from addictions and dependencies.

She is qualifed as an expert witness in Family Court in North and South Carolina.

Dr. Graafsma is a member of the National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists. She teaches court approved Parenting and Healthy CoParenting Classes on a cyclical basis. She is qualified to help families in the midst of high conflict custody and/or parental alienation. She coaches individuals and co-parents on a case-by-case basis, after interviews, and screening.

Dr. Graafsma also travels, speaking on spiritual and family issues. Currently, she travels to the remote Mayan villages of the Yucatan each year, teaching and training families regarding the Dynamics of Bonding and Relationships. (She is also available for corporate team development and training; (for team building, conflict resolution, and healthy work environments.)

Debbye is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is Board Certified through the International Board of Christian Counselors. She is a member of Cambridge Who’s Who in Business and Professional Women.

She has written over 100 songs, many of which have been internationally published; 4 novels, and more than 15 Healthy Relational Living curriculums for all ages, two of which are available in Spanish. Her instrumental & worship compositions/compilations are available on 

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Classes & Workshops

Please look on this page to discover our present opportunities for personal development..... feel free to email us to inquire when we will offer any classes you might not seee listed here.

* Healthy Parenting -- court approved (offered quarterly)
* Co-Parenting 101 -- court approved (offered quarterly)
* Developing Healthy Personal Values
* How to Survive High Conflict Relationships (and custody disputes)
* Conflict Resolution
* Secrets for Relational Living
* Biblical Principles for Healthy Relationships
* Ruth and Naomi (health and healing for women)
* TruThoughts (how to recover from Narcissism)
* The Journey out of Abuse and CoDependency

Other workshops are offered on an individual basis periodically. Current offerings are listed here.

You can register here. 

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All sessions and trainings take place at:

Living Way Church
5501 Old Monroe Road
Indian Trail, NC 28079

The buttons directly below are for use by clients who have sessions not yet paid for. For new clients, please call the office to make an appointment. If you are registering for a class or workshop, please utilize the button corresponding to the class or workshop for which you wish to register. All registrations must be pre-paid. All fees listed are per person. If you need financial assistance or help, please email us through the Contact Us page.

For Sessions
Individual Therapy @ $70
Couples Therapy    @ $80 

Workshops and Classes

You can donate to help us with the cost of sponsoring scholarships/sliding scale fees. Many of our clients cannot pay. You can also donate to help us in our ongoing mission of international education of families in the remote Mayan villages of the Yucatan in Mexico. Many of our clients cannot pay. (We will provide tax credit for your donation through The Call International, our affiliated 501(c)3. Please name your amount, and write "Mayan" in the memo.)


Healthy Co-Parenting 101
Saturday, December 2nd
9am until 6pm
$50 per person
$20 workbook
Please pre-register by Wednesday, November 29, to ensure we have curriculum for you.
(Please select this workshop from the drop down menu on the paypal button in the next column.)

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Healthy Parenting --- Raising Happy, Healthy Kids
Saturday, December 9pm
9am until 3pm
$40 per person
$15 workbook
Please pre-register by Wednesday, December 6, to ensure we have curriculum for you.
(Please select this workshop from the drop down menu on the paypal button in the next column.)


Register now for 2018!
"Ruth & Naomi -- The Healing Journey" (for women in wanting to heal and grow; or just experience community!)
Wednesdays @ 7pm beginning
January 10, 2018 --
for 8 weeks of classes.
Please email us for more
$100 per person
$40 workbook

(Please select this class from the drop down menu on the paypal button in the next column.)

What About You?

"It can happen at any time. Suddenly, I am overwhelmed with the sense that I have lost my way somehow. I don't remember when it happened -- well maybe it was when....."

"It occurs to me that I need to ask someone a few questions about what I am experiencing. But then, my day-to-day responsibilities kick in, and for some reason, I forget to seek out the help I feel I need. Or worse, I talk myself out of it. The feelings are tucked away once more..."

"But the sense of unexplained sadness or frustration lingers..... over time, it increases its influence, and now, I have begun to feel I am losing the sense of who I am......."

If you can identify with any or all of these statements, you are definitely a person who would benefit from talking things over with a counselor.

Did you know that only one person in four who need help, are brave enough to make the call? 

Why not make the call right now? Or, email us, and we will answer within 24 hours.